Animal Advocates of Alabama starts fundraising campaign to expand its programs

BIRMINGHAM – Animal Advocates of Alabama launched its website on May 1, 2015. Since that day, we have posted hundreds of stories ranging from dog food recalls to features on hedgehogs to calls for action protecting low-cost spay/neuter clinics in our state. We have helped homeless animals find homes, and we have provided aid to individual rescuers who need support.

Awareness of our efforts grows almost daily. We have a subscribers list of several hundred, and our Facebook "Likes" exceed 3,100. We are proud of our early accomplishments, but we know we must do more to help improve the welfare of animals in Alabama. We know we must work with younger generations to educate them about the proper treatment of all animals in general, and companion animals in particular.

We want to visit communities around the state, talk to school children and service organizations. Our message: Alabama definitely needs to improve its treatment of animals, and it's up to every one of us to make that happen.

We need an infusion of cash to fund this project. After all, videos and printed materials aren't free. We are working to create a library of animal-related videos such as “A Dog Named Gucci” and “Dog By Dog.” We want to develop printed material for all age groups. We also are in the process of writing a resource guide that will help individuals, rescues, and shelters know where they can find help, either locally or nationally.

We have set up a Go Fund Me account to facilitate donations to help this campaign succeed. Anyone who wishes to donate may do so here. If you prefer to donate via check, please mail it to Animal Advocates of Alabama; 1635 11th Place South; Birmingham, AL 35205.

If you believe in spay/neuter; if you hate puppy mills; if you love animals, this project is for you. We thank you in advance for your support.

Veronica Kennedy

Veronica Kennedy is a long-time journalist and lover of animals. A native of Anniston, Alabama, she enjoys cooking, home decorating, and good literature.

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